Play Heads Up Poker SNG’s Online

SNGs comes in a number of different formats. With heads up SNGs online, as its name suggests, they are played heads up with just two players. However, unlike their cash game counterparts the game starts when one player sits down at the table to indicate they want to play someone, and as soon as another player joins the table the game begins. Although you’ll have a few seconds to decide whether you want to play against the opponent that just sat down.

Heads-up SNGs are great if you’re looking to play a quick game of poker, but even with this being the case they can still be very profitable. This is great because heads up SNG’s can be fairly high variance. You’re going to have to win multiple coin flips to win.

The popular turbo and hyper turbo heads up sit and go games offered at all the major online poker sites only take a few minutes to complete, enabling serious SNG grinders to play a significant number of games within a short period of time, especially when multi-tabling 4 or more tables. But you’ll also be able to play non turbo HU SNGs, which don’t take much longer to complete, and allow you to be more patient as you play deep stacked for a longer period of time.

Due to the fact that heads up poker SNGs online don’t take much time to play, this allows you to easily get in a lot of volume to deal with the sick variance that can come with playing them. Eventually skill will come out on top, assuming you have an edge in the heads up SNG games you’re playing.

As with so many games which are simple to learn but require very deep analysis in order to master, the HU SNG variations (regular, turbo, super turbo and hyper turbo) are no different in this regard. In is not difficult to jump straight in even if you have no prior experience playing them, but they will take a lot of practice and commitment to improving as a player if you want to reach a level good enough where you can begin crushing heads up SNGs online for a decent ROI.

There’s more variation in turbo heads up SNGs, it’s easier to get more volume playing them, and they tend to attract more fishy players, but they can take some getting used to if you’ve never played them before. That is why it can be important specialize in one form of the game. By working on your game away from the virtual felt, you’ll avoid being a “jack of all trades, master of none”, and while primarily sticking to heads up SNGs isn’t going to make you a well rounded player, it will definitely give you the best chance of success at becoming a profitable heads up player, and the skills you’ve learnt will translate well over to tournaments.

Before online poker came along, it was important to be competent in several different forms of poker because there may not always have been games spread at a stake level that interested you at the local poker room you were playing at. However, the introduction of online poker rooms has completely revolutionized the game. You have more games and stakes to choose from in the online poker setting. It would not be possible to play ultra micro stakes games at land-based casinos, and a lot of them will not spread heads up poker games because it’s not profitable for them to pay a casino dealer to only deal to two players.

If there was one word that described a good heads up SNG player it would have to be aggressive. But they have a reason for each and every aggressive play they make, and they are always making adjustments based on how the opponent is playing and how the opponent thinks they play.

It’s a good idea to take notes on players while you’re playing HU SNGs, especially when you get some much needed information about your opponents from a hand that went to showdown. These notes can prove to be very valuable in future SNGs you play against the same opponent.

Game selection is another important factor when it comes to playing heads up poker SNGs online, although it isn’t always very easy to table select them well. In order to avoid playing sharks and spewing off a significant chunk of your bankroll, you’ll want to avoid them as much as possible. Many online poker sites will have an instant rematch option for HU SNGs and if you find a player is always accepting rematches even when they’re losing it probably suggests they feel they have an edge over you.

If you observe the games lobby, it’s also not hard to see who the multi-tabling SNG grinders. At the mid stakes games and above, the SNG lobby can be filled with these multi-tablers, making these games pretty tough if you choose the wrong SNG poker site to play at.

There are multiple stakes for heads up SNGs to suit all levels of play, ranging from $1 to $500 or more depending on the online poker site you call home. US players who are looking for the best selection of heads-up poker SNGs online where they can move up stakes as their bankroll and skill level increases should check out our guide for Heads Up Poker Sites before signing up and depositing at any site.

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