Best US Friendly Heads Up Poker Sites

Heads up can be one of the most profitable forms of online poker you can play, because the edge a strong heads up player has over a weaker opponent has such a massive impact on the end result.

One of the main reasons that you should take playing heads up cash game poker seriously is that if and when you begin playing multi-table tournaments and sit n go’s, it always comes down to heads up play to determine the result, and winning tournaments is the primary goal whenever playing MTTs or SNGs, so it is important that this is a strong part of your game.

Due to the importance of learning heads up poker, you should gravitate towards the best sites offering the heads up poker games you would like to play and get better at with some practice. There’s nothing worse than playing at poker sites that don’t get what poker players look for in a heads up poker site.

If you join a new online poker site for heads up games only to discover that the software leaves much to be desired, the customer service isn’t great, there isn’t enough traffic to guarantee heads up action at the stakes you like to play, or the level of competition on the site is that tough that it’s just not worth the risk of playing heads up games on the site, then you would surely be disappointed for not finding a better heads up poker site. Hence, the importance of choosing the right site for the majority of your heads up action.

Luckily for you, we’ve already identified the top heads up poker sites for US players. Since we’ve played a lot on these poker sites, it saves you the time, effort and money involved in finding the best sites for heads up poker matches yourself.

Even though Full Tilt and PokerStars were forced to abruptly leave the US online poker market, which was a big deal at the time because they were the two largest online poker sites accepting American players, this provided an opportunity for some of the other smaller US-facing online poker sites to step up and fill the gap that Black Friday left.

When it comes to playing heads up poker games online, there are several decent options to play at. All US-friendly online poker rooms offer heads up games, but there needs to be enough traffic to keep the games running constantly. This is even more important if you only play heads up poker.

#1 Heads Up Poker Site

Currently, Bovada Poker is the best heads up poker option for US players. This poker room features an easy to use online poker platform for both PCs and Macs, has plenty of heads up tables to always keep you involved in the action, and this US poker site is well known for the soft competition at their tables courtesy of the online casino and sportsbook.

There are heads up cash game stakes to suit everyone and the buy-ins for heads up sit n go’s start from as little as $1 and go up to $200 or so. A handy feature is the “instant  heads up rematch” for sit and go’s. If your opponent agrees to the rematch, a new heads up SNG game will start immediately.

One of Bovada Poker’s most recent software updates made all tables, including heads up poker tables, fully anonymous, meaning that players can’t be identified at the table as there are no player names or custom avatars displayed next to each player to differentiate one player from the next. Instead, players at the Anonymous Tables have a seat number and that’s it. Bovada Poker gives all new players a 100% welcome bonus up to the value of $1,000, giving you far more heads up play time with your bankroll.

#2 Heads Up Poker Site

BetOnline’s poker room is another good choice for US players that want to play heads up poker. Likewise, since a lot of traffic finds its ways from their casino and sports betting platform, you can expect to find a lot of juicy heads up tables. Most of the heads up tables have buy-ins that range from $1 to $10.

BetOnline is giving new poker players a 200% sign up bonus up to $2000. So if you were to deposit $500, you’ll get $1,000 free, once the pending bonus has been fully released into your poker account.

Finding a suitable heads up match to play shouldn’t be a problem at all. Both Bovada and BetOnline Poker have a “Heads Up” option you can check in the custom filtering to make sure that your preferred tables are displayed in the games lobby.

Are you new to heads up poker? If so you should learn to walk before getting too confident otherwise it can lead to some bad results. Confidence is key in being a successful heads up player, but if you’re a novice player, then you should stick to playing at a single table before advancing to 2-3 tables or more.

This is not just important because you need to pay attention to the flow of the game and your opponents at each table, but also the speed in which heads up poker is played is so much greater than in a normal full-ring game. With there being two players, you are forced to play more hands and also the fact that whenever a player folds a new hand is dealt straight away, so you are always involved in the action.

We’ve had our authors writing tips and strategy articles for heads up play that you will definitely want to check out before jumping straight into heads up poker games to satisfy your thirst for action.